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Directed by- Clayton Miller
Produced by- Bobby Downes, Chad Gundersen, Christopher Morrow
Rated- Not Rated
A Christian Western! This is what we need! Henry Myers (Drew Waters) is a criminal, and when the latest heist goes wrong and his partners leave him for dead, he finds kindness at the hands of a widow and her children.
The Redemption is a wonderful film, definitely one of my favorites! It combines action, hope, and redemption for one great and gritty western! There is no immodesty, language, or inappropriate romance. There are several intense scenes and gunfights, but they are not very violent. There is a brief bloody moment as a man looks at his hand covering his wound, and another man's shirt is blood soaked. The villains are rough and wicked, and the hero is determined. It is a great story with a great twist. The acting and sets were great! Some of the darker scenes seemed a little grainy, but besides that, the movie was excellent! It may be a little to much for younger kids, considering the violence and emotional elements of the movie. It's exciting seeing Christians making western adventures, sci-fi movies, medieval films... The Redemption is definitely a movie that needs to be watched! 

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