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The Defense of New Haven

Directed by - Joel Steege
Produced by - Joel Steege, Lisa Steege
Rated - Not Rated
The Defense of New Haven is a fun allegory for the entire family to enjoy about an evil band of raiders and the courageous (all kid cast) who has to stop them!
Featuring crossbows, boats, and great humor, The Defense of New Haven has absolutely no objectionable material. There is a scene in a "tavern" where root beer is being served. It is quite funny really. The violence in the movie is very non-violent, mostly darts shot from crossbows (they look like suction-cup darts) that knock characters out. There is also a scene with explosions in the water, and it is implied some boats are destroyed, but all you see is water flying up. The humor in the film is great, and is enhanced by the fact that all the actors are children. In fact, many things that aren't normally funny are because of this! The film has no distinct Gospel message, but is an allegory of staying true to the Word of God, and not following man's ideas. It is a delightful and humorous story that the whole family can enjoy together
 without worry of offensive content. The film is very high quality with great cinematography and an amazing score, preformed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The performances by the children actors are great, and as I previously mention, are quite funny in some situations. It's a great family-night film!

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