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The Atheist Delusion

Directed by - Ray Comfort
Produced by - Mark Spence
Rated - Not Rated
One scientific question brings atheism crumbling to the ground. A powerful and astonishing documentary by Ray Comfort, the Atheist Delusion shows why millions deny the obvious. Prepare to be amazed.
The Atheist Delusion is a powerful film in typical Ray Comfort style: Interviewing people on the street. Or, he may be at a college campus in this one, it's hard to tell. Ray Comfort takes on atheists of many different sorts, challenging their belief that there is no God... Watch atheist after atheist admit that they are no longer atheists at the end of the film. This is a masterpiece, and every Christian needs to watch it. Ray Comfort is a master at reasoning with people. Rather than stating his own beliefs, he asks questions that makes people think about their own beliefs. And think. And think even more. The Atheist Delusion has no immodesty and no language, although some was bleeped out. There are references to porn and rape, and related subjects, which may be inappropriate for younger children. Overall, this is an amazing film that needs to be watched by everyone, whether you be a Christian, atheist, or anything else. I hope Ray Comfort keeps it up!   

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