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Return to the Hiding Place


Directed by - Peter C. Spencer
Produced by - Petra Spencer Pearce
Rated - PG-13 for Violence and Disturbing Thematic Material

Warning: References in review may be inappropriate for younger readers.  

The Story:
I was almost in tears as the movie ended... I have a new resolve to stand... To fight... Return to the Hiding Place tells the story of Corrie ten Boom's untrained student resistance force, fighting for freedom against the might of the Nazi army occupying their homeland.

Content at a Glance:
My words in this review can never give justice to this film. I was swept away, then beating myself up over why I hadn't watched this movie before. This is the absolute BEST Indie Christian film I've EVER seen. So let's get through that content list before I continue rambling on and on about how amazing the film is. There is no language. There is honestly no immodesty worth mentioning. The only things would be when a girl with a knee-length skirt sits down once you can see some of her upper leg very briefly... Most won't notice and most those who do won't care. Then, in one scene a girl's shirt has a low neck, but it's not low enough to reveal anything. Both aren't worth mentioning, but just in case one of my readers is ultra-sensitive to those things, I mention it anyways.

A Little Bit of Violence:
As for the violence, there's not a lot. But when it comes, it really comes. Most of the violence is action without a lot of actual combat. There is a bloodless gunfight, an explosion, a bloody hole appears on a man when he is shot, but it is seen so briefly I didn't even notice it the first time I watched the film. A character has blood on his face and shoulder, another also has blood on his face. Two men struggle violently. During an execution, a blood spray flies from several bodies briefly, but it is not gory at all. So, in the end, the violence is mostly bloodless but VERY intense. As you may have noticed, the film is rated PG-13 for Violence and Disturbing Thematic Material. The disturbing part is what really gives it the rating. Return to the Hiding Place is about WWII, and you should recall that Hitler was trying to eradicate the Jews. A girl tells a man how she saw her mother buried alive, many people are afraid of capture, and references of killing Jews and torture are throughout the film. A lampshade is made of human skin, which will make you really hate the villain. (You'll understand once you watch it). There are intense arguments and grief.

The Best Movie I've Ever Watched:
On with the longest review ever: A German soldier makes a comment about Darwin. Jews are said to be less evolved than others. It's a historical fact: Darwinian evolution leads to genocide, hate, murder, and war. It's happening today in America. (A blog article to be written about that). Return to the Hiding Place is a triumphant, terribly sad, very intense, dramatic TRUE STORY. This is the BEST CHRISTIAN FILM AWARD WINNER. It is the one movie that EVERY person in America needs to watch. I just can't speak highly enough about this movie. I've watched Ben-Hur, Casa Blanca, Courageous, Risen, War Room, and many more. THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE I'VE EVER WATCHED. In addition to the amazing script, the superb acting, amazing sets, and great script, the film's message is so critical for 21st century Christians. If you are sensitive, this movie may disturb you. It is not for most young children. The film is uplifting and has very excellent discussions and arguments about lying and stealing during circumstances like that. Pacifists on the run. The brave and the bold shall live on and glorify their Creator. Watch this fantastic movie... You wont regret it. Again I say, it is the best movie I've ever watched in my entire life. This film has won over a dozen awards at film festivals, and now, we give it another.    

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