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Princess Cut

Directed by- Paul Munger
Produced by- Paul Munger
Rated- Not Rated
A wonderful Christian romance for the whole family! When the dreams of romance of farm girl Grace (Ashley Bratcher) come crashing down, Grace, aided by her father sets out to understand what true love really is.
Princess cut is a great story supported by great acting, music, and quality. The story is touching and the message is relevant. The romance is very well done and is free from cheesy Hollywood sex. In fact, the movie is about what true love is, and that true love is worth the wait. There is a scene where one character is burping to try to get others to laugh. It is NOT being portrayed as funny, in fact, the opposite. (See blog post, What then should we show on screen?) So, considering that, and that it is not long, it doesn't effect the movie being recommended in any way. The music is beautiful, and really enhances the movie! There is no blatant immodesty. Some of the women wear tighter pants, in many scenes this isn't obvious anyways. Also, one girl's shirt neck is generally lower, but nothing is shown. The story is well done and has actors/actresses from Courageous, Polycarp, Alone Yet Not Alone, and The Screenwriters. The movie centers around a hard working farming family, a refreshing change from most movies today. The film is encouraging, inspiring, and convicting. It is a MUST WATCH for every teen, boy or girl that is wanting to have a relationship with someone. The message is very clear and important. Have your teens watch it now!  

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