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news and info from the film world
 A new film about the life of Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire) has been released, starring Josheph Finnes. The new movie, titled On Wings of Eagles, is about Erik's life after Chariots of Fire, when he returned to China to be a missionary.
 MOVIE MAKERS is currently in the post production of their second sci-fi film, Mayflower II.
  BURNS FAMILY STUDIOS has changed it's name to Burns & Co. Productions.
 ENTHUSE ENTERTAINMENT has partnered with to create the National Bible Bee, hosted by Kirk Cameron and aired on Facebook live. 
 THE KENDRICK BROTHERS newest film, War Room, reached the #6 spot on the Christian films chart for grossing $67,790,117 during it's theatrical run.

Feel free to contact me with any movie news you've heard, cause I'd love to hear it! I will check out the news for myself, and if appropriate and true, I will likely publish it. Thank you!

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Music Videos We Love!

The Ball Brothers: It's About the Cross

The Lefevre Quartet: Let the Church Arise

Brian Free and Assurance: He Can Take It

Jay Parrack and Vocal Event: Sometimes He Whispers

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An Idea is Born

Why not start a new Christian film review website? Ethan thinks. I love Christian films and everything computer... That's just about how it started.

The First Version

With one long blog article, eight recommended films,  two recommended websites, and lots of vision, the first version of is released in January, 2017.

The Big Update

Ethan groaned over the laptop, fretting and pulling out his hair. wasn't good enough. What could be done?... Okay Ethan wasn't groaning, fretting, or pulling out his hair. Ethan never pulls out his hair. But, adding another blog post, a completely remodeled homepage, new pictures, and more reviews, Ethan finished the Big Update in May, 2017.

This is Extravagant!

June 2017 marks the release of the awesome web page Extravaganza!!! A great fan page, full of fun, facts, and more!

From Lamplighter Ministries:

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