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Directed by- Eddie Roman
Produced by- Mark Spence, Eddie Roman
Rated- Not Rated
When a Ray Comfort documentary and top quality drama collide, the result is... Audacity. When Peter (Travis Owens) an aspiring comedian, is confronted with one of today's hottest issues, homosexuality, he feels compelled to speak, but can he?
This film is awesome! First off, A large part of the movie is actually a movie, with a plot and characters. But Peter and another character are watching Ray Comfort interviews on the issue of homosexuality during a couple parts of the movie. Obviously, this isn't your light, family night film, for more than one reason. First off is the obvious theme of the movie. There are gay characters, and a couple intense scenes involving threat and robbery. The Ray Comfort interviews are obviously unscripted and very heavy in content and discussion. Concerning immodesty, we briefly see a woman wearing short shorts, but again, it is long. There is part of a somewhat contemporary song, but it fits perfectly with the movie. This is one of the best movies I have ever scene. Likable character, great plot. Oh yes, absolutely amazing and inspirational story, with more than one twist along the way... The acting, cinematography, and message are definitely top notch. The cinematography is beautiful! This is an absolutely must watch for every teen and adult, especially those who God is calling to evangelism. The message: LOVE CAN"T KEEP SILENT. That's the message. That's the TRUTH. Speak the truth to homosexuals out of love, not out of hate. This movie may make you laugh. It may make you cry. But one thing is for sure... It will make you think. PLEASE watch this movie. Love Can't Stay Silent!!!      

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