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OUR BEGINNING was started in January 2017 by Ethan Curtis, a young man with a love for Christian films and filmmaking. We strive to find and recommend the finest Christian films out there. Maybe someday will make it's own films, but until that day comes, we'll keep on reviewing and working on that blog!
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In a land where the media rules over the people with an iron fist...

The movies we watch will affect us greatly. They make us laugh and cry, they make us feel for the characters. And they will influence the way we think. That's why it is so important that we watch movies that will encourage, edify, and exalt our GOD, and NOT movies that discourage, degrade, and mock our GOD. Movies are sermons, some obvious and others subtle. And Christian filmmaking is MINISTRY. It's evangelism. It's shining a light in a dark, dark world. But sometimes it's hard to find "real" Christian films. Filmmakers compromise. They fail. They fall. They have bad theology. They have twisted messages.

And that's where we can help. FILMS4CHRIST.COM provides reviews and recommendations on some of the best, most excellent, most uplifting, most powerful Christian films you can ever watch. In addition, we write blog articles, recommend websites, and try to find films that you may have never heard of.

How to use FILMS4CHRIST.COM has an easy to use and navigate system to find reviews. A quick scan of the HOME PAGE will tell you what new reviews, blog posts and features there are to see. There are several options for browsing the reviews, which can all be found under RECOMMENDED FILMS.

We are pleased to present a review with a brief summary, content of concern to some parents, and trailer for each of the films we recommend.
All our Recommendations are clean, faith-affirming, and Glorify God.

We hope you enjoy FILMS4CHRIST.COM and would love to hear from you!

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