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The Christmas Candle

Director- John Stephenson
Produced by- Tom Newman, Hannah Leader
Rated- PG for mild thematic elements

The Christmas Candle is a beautiful movie! When the new reverend (Hans Matherson) arrives in the small town of Gladbury, his preaching sets him at odds with the traditional candle maker (Sylvester McCoy). When the legendary Christmas Candle vanishes, the people of Gladbury are destined for the most amazing Christmas yet...

This is one of the most inspiring films I've ever seen! The plot is great, backed by great acting, cinematography, and beautiful locations! There is no offensive language, elements, or inappropriate scenes, only a brief kiss. The content of the movie is family friendly, with several emotional scenes with grief, and a young woman and her unborn child deserted by her husband. In a scene where you see an angel, it is portrayed in the traditional form, as a heavenly woman with wings, rather than the warrior that the Bible usually describes them as. This is a touching movie, that needs to be seen! It may just be good enough to replace Frosty as the movie you watch every Christmas! Delightful and inspiring. Watch this movie!

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