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2017 Lamplighter Guild film presentation

This June I had the wonderful privilege of attending the 2017 Lamplighter guild film class, being taught by the masters George Escobar and Joel Jost. The week was life transforming, inspiring, and challenging. Seeing the heart of Mark Hamby, the way God's hand is so evidently working there, it's amazing! I can honestly say it's the most memorable and awesome week of my life! It was so much more than just a week of learning how to make movies, or whatever course you took. It was a week of revival! You'll read more about it in the upcoming series of blog articles! Attending the filmmaking class, we made the short film to the left. It was so much fun, and Mark even said it was the best short film ever made at the guild! Watch it now! And be checking back for the blog articles! I'll write soon!

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A great Western tale of revenge and redemption from Echolight studios!

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YOU may be the only example some may ever see,
so live your life as a testimony to YOUR faith,
because God saved YOU out of sin,
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